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Marble Etching


Courtney Marble Etching - small.jpg (8516 bytes)

This etching of our granddaughter  Courtney, is an example of the artist's talent.

It is etched and tooled onto a 600x400x10mm slab of marble.

This piece is definitely not for sale, but a similar sized and detailed piece would be about  $1200.

Here you can see the original photo used to produce the piece.

Courtney took the photo herself, holding the camera at arms length to capture her image. The photo is a little out of focus and not a great representation of her, so it was fascinating to see what the artist achieved from this image.

Courtney etching & original.JPG (71331 bytes)

You can see from above what is possible from a single photo of a loved one.

Imagine capturing the character of a family's Matriarch and Patriarch. Their facial lines of a lifetime's experience will bring so much to the artwork.

Favourite pets, champion race horses, prize winning animals can be immortalized forever.


Special Introductory Offer:

We are offering a special discount to clients if they will permit us to use their examples for promotion on our website & literature and hold the work in our showroom for an agreed period of time.

So contact us to discuss or visit us at our new showroom on SH1b, Hamilton.